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Affiliate programs of binary option brokers

Affiliate programs of binary option brokers
You can earn on the Internet in various ways, including through affiliate binary options. Binary options appeared a few years ago and became popular not less than Forex. Someone considers binary options as fraud, who on the contrary extols this financial instrument — on the Internet you can find a sea of ​​conflicting information on binary options and their brokers. There was a little experience of earning a binary option on one broker as a trader, and the experience was successful, though it was a month of training on a demo account. And I can not call binary options a fraud, but I agree that this is a risky method of earning. But in this article we will consider not how to trade, but how to earn binary options on affiliates, that is, advertising brokers of binary options.

Like earnings on partner programs in general, earnings on binary options partners are based on advertising their affiliate links. The partner receives a percentage of the trades of invited traders. Affiliates of binary options can offer other terms of cooperation, for example, remuneration for the registration of traders, or 100% of the deposits entered within 1 month of their trade. Typically, brokers of binary options offer the partner to choose the rate at which he will work.

How to work with partners of binary options?

To start working with option partners, you need to register as a partner, not as a trader. Usually, the registration of partners is in the section called the Partner Program. Below you can find banners, after passing through which will be a direct direction to the partnering of binary options, brokers such as Iq Option and Olymp Trade.

Working with partners of binary options is more profitable than the owners of sites that have topics of earnings, finance, Forex. You can work with affiliates of binary options and without having your own site, by buying advertising, that is arbitrage traffic. Before you start working with binary options partners, you should read the rules of the affiliate program, in order to avoid blocking the partner account.

Affiliates of binary option brokers

Recently, many brokers of binary options can be observed, and each broker has an affiliate. Below are the most famous brokers of binary options, and accordingly their affiliates.

IQ Option.com is an affiliate program of a world-famous broker. Please note that the IQ Option can not be advertised in Russia, Canada, the USA and in a number of other countries. You can see in your personal account in which countries the broker’s advertisement is prohibited.

Affiliate IQOption

OlympTrade.com is a binary options broker. To work with a partner, in your personal account there are many banners and landings in different languages.

Affiliate Olymp Trade

How much can I earn on option affiliates?

As in any work, the issue of earnings is basic. On the partners of binary options you can earn good money with experience with partner programs and desire. Here is a screenshot of the Top 10, that is, the leaders in earnings of the IqOption affiliate:
Affiliate program IQ Option TOP-10


Working with affiliate programs is a popular way to make money online. On the Internet, there are also binary options partners and there are a lot of them, but these are checked for payments and are the most known in the world. I would like to stress once again that trading on binary options is prohibited in some countries, and therefore their advertising.

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