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Best PTC Sites

Best PTC sites
PTC sites are projects where users receive money for viewing pages or clicking on links (Paid To Click). And this is also a platform for advertisers. In fact, PTC-sites are intermediaries between users and advertisers. Advertisers pay for advertising on PTC, and users receive a portion of this money when viewing ads.

History of PTC sites

The way PTC began in the late 90’s. In those days, this model was called Paid-to-Surf. The first known project was the AllAdvantage website. It was opened in March 1999 and in less than a year the number of users has grown to 13 million. The main idea of ​​the sponsor was that any Internet user could earn money without much effort.

Modern PTC Sites

In recent years, PTC has undergone many changes and everything is usually in a better way. Only recently has the problem of automatic payments been resolved. Previously, you had to wait 2-3 months or more to get paid. Now, as a rule, payments are instant. But still there are some projects that pay out money from a week to the 1st month. Not so long ago, the option of renting referrals, as well as their replacement in case of inactivity, was introduced. In addition to this, the account management system was carefully thought out. This included all sorts of statistics, graphs and referral filters. Security has also changed for the better.

Earnings on PTC sites

Earnings by viewing advertising — a simple, interesting and generally profitable business. But you need to know a little theory. PTC sites are engaged in promotion of sites. Promotion is to bring a large number of visitors to the site. Thus, an advertiser arrives at PTC, adds his site for promotion and waits for the result. At this time, a paid link to the advertiser’s site appears and the user will receive a reward for viewing it. The price for viewing is set by PTC. Most often it’s 0.01 $ per link viewing in 30 seconds. The number of available links can be different, but more often it ranges from 4 to 30 pieces. It turns out that our task is to register on PTC sites and view advertising links. To get the earned money for the purse you have to click until you get a certain minimum of money. On each site it’s yours. Most often the limit is from $ 2 to $ 10. After the amount is accumulated on your main balance, you can order a payment and receive money on your Payza or Paypal account.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program, which is on every PTC website, will greatly affect your earnings. Its essence is as follows: Each user receives a referral link.

A person who came by this link automatically becomes a referral of the reference host. When you get a referral the PTC site starts paying you interest from its earnings. Invite your friends, acquaintances and people you do not know, thereby increasing your earnings by 3-4 times.

Premium or Gold-account

This is the status of your account, which is assigned for a certain period of time, for a certain amount. The purpose of the premium account is to increase your earnings. Having bought a premium, you will receive a higher percentage of earnings from referrals. You will become more accessible links for viewing and the price of viewing each one may increase.

List of the best PTC sites paying for viewing advertising

Neobux.com — one of the oldest and generously paying among the best PTC sites for earnings. Every day dozens of links appear for viewing with good payment. The more sites you visit and the more regular your visits, the more privileges you can make on this site. In addition, you can perform various tasks, and receive additional reward for this. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only $ 6.

JillsClickCorner.com — another foreign website for earning on viewing ads, working regularly since 2006. Many paid advertising links for viewing. The minimum payout for PayPal is only $ 1.

There are a lot of PTC websites on the Internet, but not all of them are honest with their users. There are a lot of websites dealing with fraud on the background of PTC, so, dear readers, be vigilant! Successes to you in making money online!