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E-Wallet Payeer

Payeer E-WalletIf you are in any way connected with the world of e-commerce, you probably know how much various payment instruments have appeared recently. These are the largest payment systems that are analogous to electronic currencies — they can be exchanged for others, sent and received as payments for goods and services. One such system is Payeer. Reviews about it, as well as the advantages of this currency, we will describe in this article.

What is Payeer?

So, to begin with, we note that this is a payment system that operates in more than 200 countries to receive, send and exchange funds. This is a kind of open, universal system that allows you to easily conduct various financial transactions with a low degree of responsibility of the users who are doing it. It means that the Payeer payment system does not require an obligatory verification of the account of the participant and does not engage in such careful control of operations as it can be found in other payment systems.
Payeer Transfers
In addition, the entire procedure for sending and transferring funds is simplified: with Payeer you can take money in other currencies, for example in Qiwi, for a single commission for the entire system. This makes such a payment instrument very convenient and profitable.

Advantages of the system

On the official website of the company, a special page has been created, on which all the advantages of this system are described. The most interesting items are the ability to pay and accept funds from Visa, Mastercard bank cards; convert the received money into any of the currencies without additional difficulties; To carry out mass transfers to counterparts on API; to connect shops to reception of payment without the complicated procedure; the refusal to establish limits on the operations that users conduct, and much more. Payeer.com leads by all these criteria. Feedback from users about some of these items really confirm the simplicity and convenience of working with the system. It should be noted that virtually all Russian sites PTC work with the payment system Payeer.

Instant exchange

Take at least a currency exchange function. On the site of the system there is a special page that reminds one of the many private exchangers operating on the Internet. It gives an opportunity, choosing from three currencies (rubles, dollars and euros), to exchange for one of the payment systems (Qiwi, OkPay, BTC). And the exchange is carried out on a minimum commission, as the Payeer site shows. When transferring funds from one currency to another, the commission is 2%.

Another advantage of Payeer is convenience. In the case of private exchange offices, you are forced to work with third-party sites, switching at the same time between your purses. While working with this system, you only need to go to one page, where you will be given the opportunity to perform the desired operation in a matter of seconds.

Reception on sites

Another interesting tool that can be pampered by its Payeer users is the ability to connect the system to their site as a way to recharge the user’s balance. This is necessary, for example, online shopping. Anyone who wants to purchase a service or product on the site will be able to pay the necessary amount to the account using Payeer’s account and thus settle with the seller.

Opportunities for replenishment and withdrawal
Entering and withdrawing money in the Payeer payment system
To understand how many ways to deposit or withdraw funds from the system, let’s say: in quantitative terms, this is about 150 different methods. In practice, it can be anything: classical methods (bank card or transfer from a bank account), electronic currencies (PayPal, Webmoney and many others), and much more.

Affiliate program

Payeer affiliate
Earn money with Payeer! Payeer 6-level affiliate program. Payeer shares with partners a part of the profit from the cash operations of the attracted customers. The commission percentage is not fixed and depends on the total amount of transactions of your referrals. The initial rate is 10%, but it can be raised to 40%.

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