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EasyHits4U - Free Traffic, exchange of visits
I would like to share information about the site on which there are endless surfing. This site is EasyHits4U. It is possible, as earnings and free advertising on the Internet.

EasyHits4U is a service for the exchange of visits, and if you are earning money on the Internet, then it is worth paying attention to.

EasyHits4U was established in 2003 and has a huge popularity all over the world, the number of users is already more than a million. First and foremost is the service of exchange of visits, i.e. you are viewing the advertised sites, and other project users to browse the site you are promoting. This is sort of free advertising on the Internet, and advertising can all over the world. The project is very profitable and incredibly thought-out system that allows both to earn and to advertise.
EasyHits4U - Marketing tools
Basically EasyHits4U to advertise their resili to set referrals on a variety of projects. So, using EasyHits4U, you can gain referrals to online earning sites, for example, Neobux.com or on Freebitco.in, but more likely will be successful is a little-known or new project for earnings in the Internet. Consider the main topics that will need to work on.

Register at EasyHits4U

Before working on EasyHits4U it is necessary to register your e-mail and then confirming it via the link that comes in the email. For registration it is necessary to click Sign Up or GET STARTED. A window will open. You can go to EasyHits4U using your account in Facebook or Google+. Or you can just register. To do this, press the inscription Fill out the short registration form and then complete the simple registration form and click GET STARTED.

Surfing on EasyHits4U

EasyHits4U is probably the only project that has endless paid surfing. For every visited website you will not only get visitors to your website, but payment. The pay-per-view sites is calculated in a unique way, namely, for every 1000 viewed sites, the balance credited 0.30$, i.e. the payment is not for each click, and for every thousand.

The project EasyHits4U five-level referral program. If your referred user has viewed 100 websites, your balance will be credited 0.10$, this bonus is paid out 1 time for every active referral. In addition, while surfing, you will prizes for every 25 sites viewed. In order to claim your prize, you need to click the green button to Claim Your Prize on the prize page. The prize could be credits, banner and text ad impressions, cash and other useful things.

How it works

When you first enter into your account it is necessary to add at least 1 website you are advertising. The website can be added to the left menu, under My Sites. The site can be any, you can specify a reflink of a project.
EasyHits4U-How it works
In order to start surfing at EasyHits4U, you have once logged into your account, click the Start Surfing(2:1, 15 sec) or Start Surfing(1:1, 20 sec). In the first embodiment, it is necessary to view 2 ad website, in order to 1 again showed your website. In the second variant the ratio is 1:1, and it is better to choose such an infinite surfing. While surfing, in order to count the visited sites, you must validate the captcha.

Captcha usually consists of 5 items, and you need to click on 1 of the 2 duplicate. Captcha can also be an arithmetic example, and contains both numbers and words.

The main sections to work on EasyHits4U

• Start Surfing -click on this button to start the endless surfing. My Sites — here you add your websites or refstyle.

• Buy Credit — in this section you can buy credits if you have no time or desire to view advertising sites.

• Conversions — very important section, in which you can transfer accumulated credits to banner or text ads.

• My Banners in this section you can order a banner advertisement. Banners you can place HTML code, as well as through links. Please note the choice of language of the advertised site, as well as the country in which you would like to broadcast.

• My Text Ads — a section for posting text ads.

• My Referrals — records of the users whom you have invited to EasyHits4U and also here is a referral link. In sub-section Promo Tools, there is plenty of advertising materials for attraction of referrals.

The Best Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4U is not only endless surfing for additional earnings, but also free traffic, as well as a set of referrals for projects that will increase your earnings money on the Internet.

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