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How to Make Money on Globus-inter.com

Globus-InterI want to tell you about the Globus Inter.com project, which has been working steadily for several years. You know how few such Internet projects you work with for years and do not worry that tomorrow it can cease to exist. Globus Inter.com — a site for earning on viewing advertising and invitations, and the second point here is just of special importance, because without the structure your minimum $ 0.5 will not be collected so quickly.

Globus-inter.com: how to work

With the registration of problems should not arise — it is standard, but on the account panel Globus-inter.com run. When you go to the site, the menu is on the left, with two of them:

«People» — for those who want to earn in the project, and

«Advertisement» — who wants to advertise their sites. A large number of those registered with Globus-Inter at the same time earn on viewing, lead referrals to earn money, and also advertise other sites for earnings here to further increase the structure.

«Downloads» — there are programs to display ads for which you are credited with money. You need to choose the one that suits your software more.
Getting started on Globus Inter
With invitations and advertising, everything is clear, copied the link — we distribute and wait, but how to earn and, preferably, faster — now we will reveal secrets.

Getting started on Globus Inter

To start earning on Globus-inter.com on the machine — download the program for Windows from the «Downloads» tab. If previously you already downloaded some programs, even a trivial game, then you do not need to install the .NET Framework — it is most likely already installed. When the download of the program is finished, click on the installation file and act according to the prompts. After a full installation we go into the program with the help of the login and password, which were specified during registration on the site.

In addition: if you have a smartphone, install the application on it, then the advertisement will be shown there, further increasing your balance. Tip: if there are other devices that do not belong to you (brothers, sisters, moms, children, etc.) — register them via referral link, to new mails and install programs and applications and on their devices.


The earned money can be withdrawn on Paypal. Inviting referrals, you can build your network. I note that it is profitable to invite referrals to Globus-inter.com. The project has an affiliate program of 7 levels.

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